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About Wellfleet

Although Wellfleet is a place, indeed, a beautiful place on Cape Cod it remains to me, a piece of time.

Our family of 12 would spend part of the summer near Hyannis where we were always held to the standards of our more illustrious neighbors "the Kennedy's". Like any other Irish Catholic family near Boston we were treated to a litany of the attributes of the Kennedy children (Bobby eats his carrots!) and the uncompromising standards of the family doyenne Rose.

As a young man I would spend a couple of weeks each year with my dear friend Pete and his family at the Audubon camp ground on the Bay side of Wellfleet.

Wellfleet is a nod to those languorous summer days when my folks would drive up to spend a few days with myself and the Bird family.

We would cool off after a long day at the beach in one of the many refreshing "Kettle ponds" that are unique to this part of the Cape and then go to the docks and bargain with the local fisherman and oystermen for dinner.

It was these lazy, relaxed dinners over a campfire enjoying fresh fish, shellfish and locally grown produce that I remember best.

Our families did this together up until 1989 at which time we lost Peter, and our hearts just were not in it for future excursions without him.

Peter and I started our respective businesses by working together and were roomies for years in San Francisco at our house near the Sutro bath ruins which we dubbed "Hyatt on the Avenues" as we were always entertaining out of town family and friends.

So, to the memory of my parents Jim and Virginia, Peter Bird and more lazy days by the beach enjoying the company and humor of loved ones, I fondly dedicate "Wellfleet".

About Our Dinners

Wellfleet’s menu changes every four weeks and are posted online at Wellfleetchicago.com. “Our dishes reflect ingredients from local, national and worldwide markets. We have yet to repeat a menu item and don’t intend to.”

Wellfleet takes place every Friday (excluding holidays) at 4423 N. Elston Ave / nr. Montrose. Seating is at 7:30 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring their own wine or beverage to compliment our seafood driven menu. We accommodate 12 guests, and prepayment for each reservation is necessary.

The cost is $100 per person. Dessert, Tecapa Blue Coffee, tax and gratuity are included in the cost.Reservations can be made by calling 773-283-7400 or by e-mail: bill@fishguy.com.

We welcome groups of 8-12 for special occasions. The cost is $1000 for 8-10 and $1200 for 12 guests.The same payment policy applies.

Celebrating Wellfleet’s place in the top 100 Chicago dishes (from Timeout Chicago), Caviar Wellfleet can be added as an additional course for $30 per guest.

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